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Garth Brooks isn't just busy planning his upcoming tour.  He's also working on new material.  The country superstar said in a recent radio interview that his shows will feature "the stuff you know Garth from and all the new stuff that's coming." 

He adds that there are no words to convey just how excited he is to be bringing fresh music to the stage on a new tour, and he hopes his fans enjoy the new songs as much as his hits.  However, he doesn't say if or when a new album might be on the way. 

Brooks also says his tour announcement really was spontaneous.  He unveiled his plans unexpectedly during a recent appearance on "Good Morning America" to promote his new box set.  Garth explains that it just felt like the right moment.  He adds that revealing his plans gave him a huge sense of relief - along with concerns that he'd just made a big mistake. Garth says he immediately looked over to his publicist, Nancy, who was there off-camera, and was thrilled to see she was "just glowing." 

Dates for Brooks' 2014 world tour haven't been announced yet.

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