2013 Tri-State's Cutest Pet

1st Place - Grand Prize Winner

Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise Mix 

2nd Place

Meet Owen a 10 week old Saint Bernard. He loves playing and running around outside. He also loves getting into everything. 

3rd Place

Duke and Paisley

German Shepard, Collie mixes
They are brother and sister and came from the same liter! :)

4th Place

Miniature Schnauzer 

5th Place

Nelson Anderson
English Spring Spaniel


- A $50 Gift Card to Community Trust Bank

- A $50 Gift Card from Dawson-Thompson Oil Co.

- A $50 Visa Gift Card from Stogies Discount Tobacco & Beer

- A $50 Gift Certificate to Aloha Pet Resort

- A $50 Gift Certificate to Club Pet

- A $50 Gift Card to Wal-Mart

- A 1 Year Supply of Frontline Plus & Heartland Plus

- A $50 Gift Card From State Electric Supply

- A $50 Gift Card From Cooke's Farm Center Ironton

- A $50 Gift Card from Highland Insurance

- A $50 Gift Certificate to Stonecrest Animal Medical Center

- A $50 Gift Certificate to Rome Pet Cemetery

- A $50 Gift Card From Town House Kennels

WOW!  That's over a $600 value in prizes!!!

Official Rules