7 Things That Affect Attraction



1. Going Online.

We already know the media has a major say in how we view the world, so once we get online, with all that media jumping in our face, there's no place like the Internet when it comes to manipulating what we find attractive. A study done at St. Andrews University found that women who spend a lot of time on the Internet find masculine men more attractive and men find feminine and skinny ladies to be the best looking. In contrast, those who don't have Internet access found the exact opposite to be attractive: women preferred feminine looking dudes and guys we’re all about women who we were more masculine in appearance. According to the study, Internet "surfing" women found Russell Crowe, in all his masculinity, to be an "ideal."


2. Skipping Lunch.

It's going to sound weird, but a 2006 study found that men when were hungry their taste (no pun intended) in women changed. It's with those empty bellies that guys found heavier women to be more attractive. Researchers think this has to do with "resource scarcity," which means that women who weigh more are basically advertising that they know where to go to get that stomach full and happy again.


3. Taking The Pill.

Ladies, we're naturally attracted to men whose MHC genes are very different from our own, but when we take the Pill, those hormones mess up our perspective and smelling efficiency (how we sniff out our match). Studies have even found that some women are so affected by the Pill that when they go off of it, they're attraction to their current mate could come to an end, causing the relationship to fizzle. Women are also attracted to different men than usual when they're ovulating.

4. Considering Relationships.

A study found that when men are looking for just a fling or a short-term relationship, they're more attracted to women with feminine faces. Although what's considered "feminine" can be subjective, it does go to show that men’s attraction hinders on what they want out of a relationship. We knew that looks have a lot to do with attraction, but leave it to dudes to have their attraction to women altered by, well, their libido's needs.


5. Lowering Our Standards.

People are just so scared to be alone! A study done by the University of Toronto found that when push comes to shove and it looks like we just might be lonely forever, we lower our standards of whom we find attractive. While back in our hey-day, we might have gone for the best looking one in the crowd, if things start looking sparse, our attraction to less than par individuals kick into gear.


6. Smelling Lavender And Pumpkin Pie At The Same Time.

Although foods that produce pheromones have yet to be discovered, one study done at the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago found a 40-percent "increase in penile blood flow when lavender and pumpkin pie were smelled together." What this means for men is that if they didn't think you were attractive before, one whiff of that combo and they’re going to be second guessing their initial lack of sexual response to you.


7. Keeping The Same Circle Of People.


Not to get all “Silence of the Lambs” on you, but "we begin by coveting what we see every day," and studies agree. Keeping the same people within our proximity, ie. sitting next to same person in class every day, forces us into being attracted to people whom we wouldn't fall for normally. Honestly, it's kinda easy to get yourself all hot and bothered about someone we can never quite shake out of our daily lives.