Dear Ms. McElroy,

We are pleased to announce that you have been selected as a finalist for our Job Posting of NEW MEMBER OF FAMILY.

Last evening, our committee reviewed your application and watched the video of your ultrasound that was submitted to us. We are very excited about how well you performed.

--You are obviously very intelligent, just like your mother Sydnee (From the amount of brain activity we saw

--You are obviously very graceful, just like your grandmother Mary (From the way you constantly moved around)

--You are obviously outgoing and friendly, just like your grandmother Carol (From the way you kept waving at everyone)

--You are obviously inquisitive, just like your aunt Rilo (From the way it felt like you were looking at US during the ultrasound)

--You are obviously confident, Just like your grandfather Tommy (From the way you had no qualms about showing us your butt)

--You obviously have a great sense of humor, just like your father Justin (From the way you kept popping your face out during the ultrasound to scare him.)

As for myself, you already have the best I can give you: Those six people I just mentioned...along with uncles Travis, Griffin, Chris, and TJ...aunts Teylor, Teresa, Abbie,  and Rachel...great grandmother Nonnie... and a whole kit and kaboodle of  relatives, friends, loved ones and pets...all standing by to shower you with love.

I am also adding my personal contribution to your compensation package: Unlimited sessions in the rocking chair, a wide assortment of lullabyes, comic books, action figures, and anything and EVERYTHING you ever need or want.. along with a big ole slice of my heart for precious, precious girl.

Oh, who am I kidding...the job is yours.

See you in five months...

I love you.