Bridezilla Sends Out Wedding Invitations – and Uses Facebook to List Reasons Why Some Friends Won’t Get One


--This Bridezilla tells Facebook friends why some won't be getting invited--

Most people getting married probably find the process of trimming the guest list without offending someone a bit of an ordeal – but not this bride-to-be.


Faced with the task, the bride decided she might as well drive home just why certain people wouldn’t be making the cut – by writing a Facebook post explaining why some of her ‘friends’ wouldn’t be making the list.


The list of reasons in full:


1. If I have invited you every time we have a group function and you never show up


2. If you are just a work acquaintance and I have never hung out with you outside of work


3. If I show up to things you invite me to and you never show up to our invites or even respond


4. If I have only hung out with you in a group setting and we’re not that close of friends


5. If at any point you have ever talked s*** about me or **** you’re definitely not invited


6. If you’re only going to show up for food and alcohol and really have no interest other than that

7. If you got married and I thought we were friends and you didn’t invite me


Confusingly, she adds: ‘If you don’t get an invite and you are planning on coming let me know.’