Here we go!


Don't get me wrong: I Love my T-PARTY family, but I am really pumped about getting a chance to share my life with the Tri-State. For instance, every afternoon I'll have the 3:42 RENDEZVOUS, a daily date with my wife Carol. I'll be talking about my terrific sons Justin, Travis and step-kids Abby and daughters- & son-in-law Sydnee, Teresa, Rachel and grandchild Lyddie-Loo..and of course the White Shadow and Black Chaos --my dogs Harpo and Homer.

For instance: Tomorrow I will find out whether the newest addition to my family will be a he or she. Justin and Sydnee will be learning the sex of my up-coming grand-baby. I will be sharing it with you, too. That's what this is all about...sharing my life with you...and hopefully, you sharing your life with me.

...And the Adventure Continues!