I have a remarkable mother.

DONNA GAIL SECRIST McELROY is the reason any of you even know who I am.

Beyond the obvious reason that she actually created me (along with some help from my Dad), is the very true fact that my personality comes from her.

Dad has always gotten the credit for giving me my sense of humor, which I have then passed on to my sons, and that is very true. But I also benefitted from DONNA GAIL's genetic material too.

My momma is one of the most out-going, charming people on this planet. She can make complete strangers feel like lifelong friends in a couple of heartbeats. And it's for real. I know I am prejudiced, but I think she was the best travel agent who ever unfolded a map. If not for her, I would never have had the courage to step on a stage, behind a microphone, in front of a class room.

She is passionate, and lets those passions show: her family, her friends, Warren Sapp, the Tampa Bay Rays...and much more.

I am lucky: My mom Lives. And yes, I did mean to use a capital "L", because she LIVES. She has travelled the world, met thousands of people, and always samples any food at least once.

It hasn't been easy. You think single moms have it tough now? Trying doing it in the '60s and '70s...especially with the McElroy Boys. But she did it.

Do we butt heads? Well, Hell yeah! What mother and son don't? But no matter what the disagreement, she is always going to win because she has a trump card I can't beat: She loves me, too. (And by admitting that trump card, I have doomed myself, I hope you all know that)

My dear friend Mary Smirl (who is directing me in WILLY WONKA this summer), wants me to shave my face to play The Candy Man, news which will distress my wife, sons, daughters-in-law, co-workers, and just about anyone who actually gazes upon my visage. But, to be honest, I kind of like it...

When I am clean-shaven, I look just like my Mom.

I am SO okay with that.

Happy Mothers Day, Momma....