I miss you, my Kindle.

You've been gone for a month now, but it feels like years. I should have known not to depend on you, not to rely on you. I shouldn't have broken up with regular, physical books you can hold in your hand..but dangit, I was seduced by technology!

It does make me feel a little bit better knowing whoever took you doesn't have the code to open you up. Of course, myabe they found a way to hack it, BUT IF THEY'RE THAT BIG A COMPUTER WHIZ WHAT DO THEY WANT WITH MY KINDLE??!!

Sorry. Lost my head a little there. I just want you to know, if it was something I did, like leave you somewhere or put you somewhere extra safe so no one would steal you, then I apologize for being a forgetful fool...because I forgot where I put you.

And if you listen closely, you can hear 8 bookcases full of books at my house...laughing at me.