HUNTINGTON AREA REGIONAL THEATRE unveils it's second big production tonight at the Ritter Park Ampitheatre.


1. Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District: Kevin Brady and his folks have been a dream to work with and seem as excited as we are

2. H.A.R.T. in the Park: When Mary and Tommy Smirl and I sat down and first talked about this project, we THOUGHT we knew what we were getting into. And we did: HEAT, BUGS, CHAOS, WEATHER, & WILD HERDS OF NUNS AND OOMPA-LOOMPAS all about us. It has been one of the best times of my life, working with my Sis Mary, and my Bro Tommy on this adventure...together.

3. So how have all the people involved in this insanity kept from killing each other? Actors, technicians, paint-splashers, nail-pounders, parking geniuses, stargram sellers..The 3rd Component is "The Choose Joy Players". Named for the late Leslie McElroy's favorite saying. Every decision we make, every interaction we want people to make the decision to Choose Joy. She's there. Watching to make sure we are happy as we do our darnedest to make others happy. Love ya, Les.


So here we go again. Please check out these picture of the time leading up to this opening night. Feel free to comment. But most importantly..PLEASE come see this show. I promise you and yours will love it...regardless of age. Come and bring a few thousand of your closest friends.