Glen Campbell Cut Three of His Kids Out Of His Will

Glen Campbell cut three of his children out of his will. Filed in Probate Court in Davidson County, Tennessee (the area that includes Nashville), the 2006 document specifically omits the daughter and two sons  he had with his second wife. They are all in their 40s, and have already done legal battle with the estate over money they believe is due them, even before Campbell's death.

Five other Campbell children, from his first, third and last marriage, will share in the estate.

A hearing on the will is set for January 18th. 

Two of them sued Cambell's business manager, Stanley B. Schneider, and the trustee of the Campbell Trust in 2016 seeking money from the estate.

Campbell died August 8th, after a seven-year decline from Alzheimers. He left an estate estimated at $50 million dollars. (Tennessean)

Photo: Getty Images


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