Gwen Stefani Calls Blake Shelton the 'Cutest Guy In Country Music'

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani recently released her new holiday album You Make It Feel Like Christmas, but she is continuing to spread joy through this season by sharing some of her Christmas favorites on Gwen Stefani Holiday Radio on iHeartRadio. 

On this station, which solely features holiday music, fans can hear songs like The Beach Boys' "Little Saint Nick," Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time," No Doubt's "Oi To The World," music from You Make It Feel Like Christmas, and so much more. In addition to hearing some of Gwen's favorite holiday tunes, the superstar also opens up about what they mean to her ... including a song from her boyfriend Blake Shelton.

While talking about Blake and his Christmas song "Two Step 'Round The Christmas Tree," Gwen said in the track's intro: 

"Blake Shelton, yes, I said it. The cutest guy in country music. He did a Christmas record, and he just re-recorded his Christmas record with three new songs, and one of them is 'Two Step 'Round The Christmas Tree.' I love this song,  it just feels like the holidays, and happiness, and cuteness all in one. Like a little present."

Aw. You can also hear Gwen and Blake's "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" on Gwen Stefani Holiday Radio.


Check out what else you can hear on Gwen Stefani Holiday Radio:

Gwen on Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters' "Happy Holidays": 

"For me, growing up, I've always been a huge fan of anything Hollywood. Like, all the old movies, I would spend my whole life just procrastinating and listening to old music, and movies, and anything old fashion. I was just fascinated with that."

Gwen on No Doubt's "Oi To The World" music video: 

"This is a winner. This a song from back in the day. I think what I always think of is being in India, of all places, and doing a music video for a Christmas song, like you do. And you haven't seen the video to the song. Sophie Muller did the video to this video, and we did this on no money, and it is an incredible video. 


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