RaeLynn Reveals The Inspiration Behind Her Single 'Bra Off'

RaeLynn shared her relatable and unique single, "Bra Off" in early November, and now she's sharing the inspiration behind the track. Written by RaeLynn herself alongside Emily Weisband and Josh Kerr, the song compares the end of an exhausting relationship to taking off a "suffocating" bra. That's apparently exactly how RaeLynn felt when she broke up with an ex-boyfriend.

"I was dating this guy and the day that we broke up I thought that I was going to be a little sad because he was kind of hot," she recalls. "But when we broke up, I was like 'Oh my God, Jesus. This is like literally taking my bra off.' Kind of like the same as taking off your lashes or a really tight pair of jeans, all the same feeling."

She adds, "I was talking to my friend and I go, 'Gosh, when I broke up with so and so, it was literally like taking my bra off.' And when I said that she was like, 'Okay that has to be a song.' And then we literally wrote it in 45 minutes."

The lines from the song details how RaeLynn came to the realization that he wasn't right for her. She uses real-life examples like how she'd cringe when he called, to her not wanting him to even call her 'babe.' That's when you know.

"My head space for this song was just being honest about it," she adds. "The first line, 'I knew it was over when you called me and I cringed.’ I literally was like, ‘Ew!'"

At the same time "Bra Off" was released, RaeLynn also announced she has signed with Round Here Records, the new label founded by Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley.

"There’s something to partnering with a label run by artists because they know what it’s like to be unique and to tell your story in a unique way and having to fight for that," she tells People in a recent interview. "You shouldn’t have to fight for it — you should just be able to put that music out. It’s important to me to write what makes me happy, because I know it’s going to make my fans happy."

Photo: Getty Images