Tyler Hubbard Says 2020's 'Hurdles' Changed His 'Outlook On Life'

Tyler Hubbard Says 2020's 'Hurdles' Changed His 'Outlook On Life'

Tyler Hubbard Says 2020's 'Hurdles' Changed His 'Outlook On Life'

Tyler Hubbard is feeling more thankful this year than ever before.

On Thursday (November 26), the Florida Georgia Line singer turned to Instagram to share a sweet photo with his wife Hayley, daughter Olivia, 2, son Luca, 15 months, and newborn Atlas, alongside a heartfelt Thanksgiving message.

"This year has probably been the toughest year of my life, but even all the hurdles I count as blessings because it’s changed my outlook on life and made me appreciate so many things that I once took for granted," he captioned the post. "I’m more thankful this year than ever. #happythanksgiving2020 to everyone."

Hayley also shared a family photo on her own Instagram page alongside a similar message full of thanks. "GRATEFUL for our family and all the chaos in our life right now, among a zillion other things," she wrote. "We got to watch the Thanksgiving day parade for 5 minutes together before kids went haywire and that feels like a victory."

She added, "Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving wherever and however you’re celebrating this year!🍁"

Earlier this month, Hubbard tested positive for COVID-19 and spent nearly two weeks quarantining in his tour bus parked on the driveway of his Nashville home. After reuniting with his family, the singer offered a health update to his record label, saying that he's doing "good."

"Honestly, I feel really fortunate," he said. "I was able to have 13 days of alone time on the bus, which was bittersweet. I missed my family like crazy but I didn’t feel terrible so I got to make the most of it. I wrote a bunch of songs and made the most of the time, you know. And it kind of flew by but I feel great."

Hubbard's COVID-19 diagnosis came up as he was still recovering from surgery after a dirt bike accident ruptured his Achilles tendon and broke a bone on the inside of his ankle. While Hubbard has been carefully tending to his foot, he admits it's been "a process."

"I haven’t been doing my physical therapy the way I should in quarantine, so I’m getting back on that and getting this old thing working again," he said. "But yeah, I’m feeling really grateful and really blessed and excited. And I feel like we’re at the end of a crazy season and the beginning of an awesome one, for sure. It may be another crazy one but I believe it’s gonna be awesome."

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