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Robyn Ottolini Fondly Calls TikTok 'A Crazy Beast'

Are TikTok users the new A&R agents for music companies? If you look at stars like Priscilla Block, Lily Rose, and now Robyn Ottolini – you might say yes!

These country artists have made a huge splash on the social media scene and are now heard on country radio everywhere.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Robyn sat down to describe how she feels about TikTok and how the video platform helped launch her career.

"TikTok is this crazy beast. I always say that. I have no idea how TikTok works, but it does its thing," laughs the "F-150" singer who recently signed to Warner Music Nashville after her viral TikTok video turned heads in Nashville.

"Back in, I'd say, September or October, I kind of just did a trend," reveals Robyn. "TikTok is all about trends. You like, have a song, and everybody does the same kind of video. So, I made a trend with a sound of "F-150," and in verse it's like all bumping, and then the chorus drops out, and you get all sad."

"So, I made a trend kind of revolving around that, saying what truck broke my heart, and then it caught fire, and everyone made videos. All of the sudden, 35 thousand people had used my sound on TikTok! And, all of their followers heard my songs and went to streams went up and I was like, "Hey! What's up, homies?"

Robyn has made a ton of new "homies" thanks to TikTok and recently earned her first Gold Record in Canada for her reeved-up single. Take a listen to "F-150" by clicking the link below and follow Robyn on TikTok by clicking HERE.

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