Men Reveal The Things They Don’t Understand About Women

A new Reddit thread asked the question, “what’s something stupid women do that you don’t understand.”

Men admitted to not understanding why women all go to the bathroom together or use so much toilet paper.

Men also don’t understand why women carry heavy purses, wear shoes that hurt them, and are baffled by certain grooming habits.

Other things guys just don’t get about women:

  • “My girlfriend often meets with some of her female friends at a cafe to chat and talk and then comes home only to pick up the phone and continue the conversation with them. It's a mystery to me how they never run out of topics to talk about.”
  • “Carrying purses so large that finding what they need becomes an episode to ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple.’”
  • “Shaving off their eyebrows and drawing them back on.”
  • “My girlfriend occupies literally 98% of our massive 12ft. by 6ft. walk in closet and constantly complains that she has nothing to wear.”
  • “Going to the hair salon, and coming out with the same exact hair. Just now $200 less.”
  • “Clutch bags. A crappy little bag have to hold in your hand all night. Jesus, get a strap.”
  • “The level of suffering for self beautification…I would not pluck, pull and tug the levels of things you do from your bodies on a regular basis for anything.”
  • “Spend hundreds on an outfit, wear it once, keep it, KEEP IT but never wear it again. Madness.”
  • “Putting all of your sh*t in the bathroom sink. I'm talkin' blow dryer, straightener, makeup bag – f**king everything. There is counter space for just that reason.”
  • “I will never understand high heels. Yeah they make your butt look nice and I guess they help your posture (?), but is it worth losing the gift of walking?”
  • “I never understood why women in 'only girls' meetings solely talk about sex. The level of detail in those conversations is ridiculous. I would be really uncomfortable talking to other males in the same terms, it's just too personal.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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