Folks Admit Why They've Given Up On Dating

Dating isn't easy. And if anyone says it is, they're either an idiot, a player or the luckiest person every born.

Because it's not easy, many people swear it off entirely. Thanks to the Whisper App, folks are revealing what caused them to not date for years! 

  • “I don’t do relationships. I haven’t dated in over two years because I’m scared and not ready for commitment.”
  • “I haven’t been on a date in two years because my weight makes me insanely self-conscious.”
  • “I haven’t dated anyone since my ex cheated and gave me herpes because I’m too embarrassed and ashamed of it.”
  • “I haven’t dated in years because I will only date someone if they have potential to be my wife. If I was a player I’d get many girls but I don’t want that. I’m patient. I’ll find you.”
  • “I tell people I haven’t dated for so long because I’m too busy and picky but the reality is it’s because I’m terrified of being rejected, tossed aside and not loved for who I am.”
  • “I’m too shallow and have too high of standards. I haven’t been on a date with anyone in two years because of this.”
  • “My fiancé was murdered five years ago. I haven’t dated since, it would feel too much like cheating.”
  • “I haven’t dated anyone in 12 years because I hate myself.”
  • “I haven’t dated in two years. I still have this crazy idea that my ex will come back around one day.”
  • “I love being alone, there I said it. I abandoned all of my friends and after my wife left me, I swore off dating. I’m in heaven right now.”
  • “People call me beautiful and gorgeous but I haven’t dated since my ex decided to be gay and it ruined by self esteem.” 

Source: Whisper



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