Things We No Longer Do Thanks To Technology

Technology is the one thing that shines a giant spotlight on the generational divide. 

I'll never forget showing my vinyl collection to my little sister and her asking if it was some kind of new CD. Or my brother not knowing why we say "hand up" the phone. 

They're so much younger than me that those things just weren't around when they were born.

Technology has changed the way we do almost everything, and there are a lot of things that used to be commonplace that most people just don’t do anymore.

Here's some things we just don't do anymore:

  • Memorize Phone Numbers- When I was a kid, I could tell you the phone number to every one of my friends houses, my relatives houses and more... All that the drop of a hat! Today, I'm lucky I remember my parent's landline number. And yes. They have a landline still.
  • Use a phonebook to find a company to do things around the house – Remember the yellow pages? I actually got a phone book in the mail the other day... I think used it to level a table or something.
  • Figure out math in your head – Since pretty much everyone has a phone with a calculator who needs to learn math anymore? 
  • Tell time by hands on a clock – A lot of people these days have stopped wearing watches, let along know how to read them,  thanks to their phones, which easily tells them the time. I literally know people in the upper 20's who can't read an analog clock. Sad... 
  • Make a photo album – Remember when you couldn’t wait to get your roll of film back from being developed so you could look them over and put them in a beautiful book? Well, thanks to photo sharing services who needs it. 
  • Disposable cameras and getting film developed - Remember going on vacation and having 15 disposable cameras in your bag? And then going to the store to get them all developed and realize that you blinked in all of them? Not anymore. Yet another casualty to smartphones.
  • Call a theater to get movie times – Before Google and movie apps, folks who wanted to make sure they caught a movie on a Saturday night actually made a phone call to find out what time their movie started.
  • Record your favorite movie on tape – If you wanted to catch a show when you weren’t home you had to make sure your VCR was set at exactly the right time with enough room on your tape. What a hassle. These days it’s much simpler to watch shows you missed thanks to not only DVRs, but streaming services. 
  • Look up the spelling of a word in the dictionary – That’s right, before autocorrect and spell check, you actually had to make an effort to make sure everything you wrote was spelled correctly. 
  • Encyclopedias - Enough said.
  • Use a phone booth – Before everyone had a phone in their pocket, phone booths were good for more than just Superman changing into his superhero costume. Along the same lines, who carries change just to make phone calls anymore? Not only that... Has anyone actually seen a functioning phonebooth in this decade?
  • Use a travel agent – While they haven’t gone away completely, these days thanks to airline and hotel websites, not to mention discount travel sites, most people can simply handle their own bookings in a matter of minutes, rather than pay someone to do it for them.

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