Grieving Mom's message after accident killed her 2-year old in the driveway

Moving vehicles in the driveway during the Summer time especially with children and even pets can be very dangerous. A Fairfax, Virginia mom wants everyone else to learn from her grief after her two year old was killed in a back up accident.

The safety nonprofit Kids and Cars estimates that more than 50 children are hit in “backover” accidents every week in the United States. Here’s what the group recommends: 

  • Use rearview cameras and sensors on your vehicle 
  • Keep home doors locked and install locks at the top of doors that children cannot reach
  • Make sure children are supervised whenever anyone arrives at or leaves the home 
  • Walk around your vehicle before driving. If you see or hear children, make sure they are being supervised by an adult 
  • Never let young children walk in parking lots 
  • Roll down your window when backing up so you can hear any warning to stop. 

The Zapata family is fundraising for the toddler’s funeral.