Vapshot Alcohol Vaporizer


I just stumbled across this product online today called Vapshot - an alcohol vaporizer. You can use your own choice of alcohol to create a vaporized drink.

So, this has me wondering...

  • Where has this been all of my life?
  • Does this mean I can get a buzz without drinking a bucket of beer?
  • What's the hangover like?
  • How many vapes "shots" does it take to get drunk?

Some people say this may revolutionize the way we consume alcohol.

It comes with a price though, the home model is over $1,200.

So, get your friends together and start taking up

Would you try this? Have you tried this? Comment below and share this post with your friends.

Don't forget - if you get one (or have one) please let me know so I can try it myself.

Check their website out at Maybe they'll send one here for our staff to try. 

Wait, that could be dangerous.

Nick Kuhn

Nick Kuhn

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