Luke Bryan surprised a military wife at his concert with THE BEST surprise!

Luke Bryan Performs At Budweiser Stage

Photo: Getty Images

No matter how many videos I watch of military men and women coming home and surprising their loved ones, it never gets old. And I always cry.

But this here... this may be my new favorite video of a soldier making his return! This past weekend, Luke Bryan was performing in New York when he summoned Shannon in the crowd. As Luke's team helped Shannon up to the stage, Luke started playing his hit "Country On" and encouraging the crowd to chant "HEY! HEY USA!" along with the song. As this was going on, Shannon's soldier walked out to surprise her on stage, and needless to say, the crowd WENT. WILD.

Grab a tissue and check this out. GREAT JOB, Luke!!! And welcome home, soldier. Thank you for your service.

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